Monday, 7 January 2019

What's changing here this 2019

2019 is going to be the year of big goals and even bigger ambitions and my blog is going to be the forefront of it all. I am excited to spend more time on the keyboard and both in front and behind of the camera. 

January is one of the biggest months for setting new goals and seeing changes in bloggers and non-bloggers alike. It's 31 days of resolution setting, goal setting, organising your life and forming new habits to hopefully continue for the whole 2019. I personally went a little bit mad this year and have categorised all of my goals by topic, so i have a section for my blog, fitness, relationships etc and i am feeling more motivated than an previous year to really get out there and produce the best content i can for you guys. 

December was definitely a month of reflection and looking back on my year of blogging to see what i had created and where i could improve to set a more personal tone to what i create. Before today, i had always associated blogging as spending hundreds of pounds on photoshoots/props and outfits/products before actually sitting in front of your desk for 4-6 hours trying to edit photos, schedule posts and write and rewrite until you finally feel it's good enough for your readers. It can be very stressful and often takes out all of the fun in blogging when you feel so much pressure to create content. I'm banishing this stress for 2019 and i'm creating a better space for me to get creative and grow as a person and most importantly to share that with you. 

Where am i going with this?

So the main inspiration for me going forward is i want to create more diary style content, where i share with you all the little things that i am thinking of to the big things and basically everything in between. Whether that be an outfit i'm loving, life advice or even my new favourite highlighter. This year i just want to keep it real with you guys. 

This year i want to take the pressure off myself. Of course i will still be working on big style posts with lots of photos and big lifestyle pieces with essays of writing for you to digest through but i also want to add in small posts here and there that don't require all that much thought. Things that are on my mind and i just want to blurt out and share with the world and again having more of that diary style feel to them. 

My biggest challenge this year is going to be integrating more topics onto my blog and expanding the types of things that i talk about. This again ties in with being more personal and will basically add more of an edge to the content i can put out there. As a trainee teacher i would love to put out more posts about that and also style posts suited more for teachers/office professionals. Interiors are also a massive vibe for me this 2019 and so i want to incorporate more of this in the next 12 months. 

Lastly, i think a new blog design is needed to incorporate all of these changes and to really provide the best platform for you guys to read from and to navigate around what you want to see. It also fits in a bit better with the diary theme and lets you choose which sides of me you want to read about and take interest in.  I am in the early stages of thinking of a redesign so that will be coming later in the year so keep an eye out for that massive change!

So there you have it.. This is how i intend to overhaul my blog this year and i am excited to see how things go with these changes and i hope you are excited to see them  too! 


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