Saturday, 5 January 2019

New Year New Style

It is the start of a new year and already there are plenty of posts going up about New Years Resolutions, some being broken already (Dry January) Whoops. I myself decided to set a pretty big challenge for myself this year and that is to completely overhaul my wardrobe and my style. Over the last 6 months i have noticed my fashion sense change and i want 2019 to be the year i get my wardrobe to reflect that and to inspire me rather than be a mess of ill fitting dresses and the same 3 outfits i wear everyday.

I want to experiment more with colours, textures and styles that i have always loved but felt too scared to wear out at the possibility that i might get dodgy looks or laughs in the street. This year i want to let go and look at what could happen if i just go for it and dress for the mood that i want to create rather than blending into the background. 

So in preparation for my resolution i took to Pinterest on NYE and deleted all my boards and started afresh. I looked at my inspirations on Instagram such as LornaLuxe and Sarahjholder and LydiaEMillen and looked for similar fashions and looks on Pinterest. I started to set up different boards for different styles and things that i had been looking to incorporate into my wardrobe this year. Heres a few different styles im fucking with this 2019.

One of the biggest things for me this year is tailoring and i have already filled my online baskets up with blazers and tailored trousers to rock this look both at work and on days out. I love how the looks i found on Pinterest are a mix between more formal tailoring and casual looks. Ps. how CUTE is the pink blazer set on the left?! This is definitely one look i need to rock this year. 

My next look is socks with heels otherwise known as one of the biggest fashion crimes ever committed. However, i have really been loving how this looks lately. Especially with lacy or delicate socks with heels and not just tennis socks. I have found a lot of similar styles at calzedonia tights which i will be stocking up on this year. Another bonus is they keep  your feet warm in this horrible weather!

Lets talk Knitwear! or otherwise known as my lack of it right now. Embarrassingly i have survived until now with just 4 jumpers to my name and one of them is a Christmas jumper. Now excuse me while i go hide in shame! So... it is safe to say that i am in desperate need of some new knitwear and Pinterest has saved my life here. I am really particular with the type of knitwear that i choose and i feel i have finally put together a board of ideal pieces that i can now take inspiration from and it will make my shopping experience so much easier.

Along with the knitwear i need to work on layering up my pieces and take pride in the overall look of my outfit. Sometimes i feel i have a bomb ass outfit and then my shoes or my coat, scarf etc just dont add to the vibe i'm going for and instead i look like a jumbled mess. So i need to work on my overall look and working those outer layers to improve the vibe i'm trying to put together and also look for more versatile pieces that will match a lot of what i already own.

It's all in the detail. My focus being on the harnesses, lace, pearls, belts and tights in 2019. I'm loving the aesthetics of these two photos and i am looking forward to mixing textures this year to add just a bit more thought and aesthetic to my looks that i think a lot of my readers will like. I think a lot of outfits are really pulled together with a hint of different textures or having that stand out accessory like the off-white belt shown opposite. So definitely watch out for how i incorporate more texture and life into my outfits this year.

Lastly, i wanted to talk about a particular Kardshian who's style i have really resonated with this last week and i've been really inspired by what they have created and how i can take inspiration for building my own capsule wardrobe. I am of course talking about Kourtney. Now 5 years ago i would not have said i liked Kourtney's style but of course as i have got older i have realised that her style is actually bomb and i don't think she ever has a bad day. She has definitely nailed the art of causal chic and  i am all here for it. She has literally nailed every trend i ave listed here and that i want to experiment with so she is at the top of my boards on Pinterest. 

So i now have my boards all set up and ready to go for 2019 and i can now start the transition in my wardrobe and push out the old to make space for the new trends and styles that i want to try and experiment with. I hope that you guys enjoyed my post and i hope you stick around (or join) to see my style change this 2019.

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