Saturday, 1 December 2018

Top tips to survive the Winter

It's that time of year again where the days get shorter, the air has that constant chill to it and your motivation starts to plummet as duvet days and hot chocolate becomes your new obsessions. Winter is always known as that bittersweet season because you just love to hate it. We all hate the flu and freezing our asses off in the cold but we love the snow, the hot chocolate, the cuddly date nights and most of all, the reminder that Christmas is fast approaching. 

The most damaging thing in the winter for most of us is that sudden lack of motivation; once that temperature drops, so does our desire to do anything other than stay inside. We stop going to the gym, we find reasons to cancel our dinner plans and whats worse, we slack off on work that needs to be done yesterday. Today, i wanted to drop a few of my top tips for surviving the winter and keeping that motivation in top form while we load up ready for 2019 to hit us like brick wall in a month. So if like me, you need that little bit of extra help this winter then keep on reading and reap the benefits of hustling this holiday season.....

1. Stay active.. This tip i rely on heavily and i think it has been in every one of my top tips posts so that's how you know i think this is the holy grail of all tips and something i swear by during the winter months. Most of us turn to food in the holiday season and that sluggish feeling can soon creep up on us and have us feeling bloated and icky for the first few months of a new year. Staying active during winter not only beats the sluggish feeling but it also helps us keep a clear head and a more motivated mindset to tackle our day. I know that it is cold and the last thing you want to do when you get home is go to the gym! So try something at home instead like a quick circuit in your living room, go for a walk with your love or even go for a run or a swim on the weekends. Doing something to push your heart rate up will leave you feeling refreshed for the rest of your day and clear your head for those important tasks. 

2. Get a good nights sleep.. I feel as though i am preaching to the choir with this one but it is incredibly important to get a good night's sleep especially in the winter. With those black icy mornings and the sun going down at 4pm it is easy to get home from work and snuggle up in bed with a movie at 6pm. Next thing you know, you've fallen asleep and awake at 3am needing to pee and then spend the rest of the night scrolling through your phone until your alarm goes off at 6am. Sound familiar? Good... I'm glad i'm not the only one. When i get home at 4 from a long day teaching it takes me all of 20 seconds to put my pyjamas on, a movie and be snuggled up under my duvet drifting off into a deep sleep. If like me you hate that feeling when you wake up suddenly and you've lost a whole evening of being productive and your to do list is bigger than before your nap then you need to get a good regular routine in place this season. For myself, i've found it massively helpful if i stay out of my bed until it is actually time to go to sleep. Using my incredible hue lighting as well is a life saver with sticking to a routine, knowing that my lights will automatically change to a low pink hue when it's time to go to bed lets me know when it is time to put the phone and laptop down and climb into bed. It helps me keep to my 8 hours of sleep and makes me a much happier person in the mornings. 

3. Keep a list of everything you need to do that day first thing in the morning or even better, the night before. Lists are the easiest way to keep track of what you need to do during the day and can encourage productivity levels when you feel you are slipping behind. By looking at your list first thing in the morning you can then plan your day around what you need to do, making sure that you factor in enough time to accomplish that list. It also makes it easier for you to complete the list and remember all the things that you need to do. Sometimes when your list seems out of control, you find yourself forgetting to do certain things on your list and next thing you know you are forgetting important deadlines, projects or plans with friends. So whether you dedicate a notebook to lists or just put them on your phone every morning, give it a go and see how much easier it makes your life. 

4. Make changes to your skincare and your skin will thank you for it. I think a lot of us tend to forget that once that drop in temperature hits, our skin takes a massive fallback and throws itself into a frenzy of dehydration, flaking and just looking dull. When the winter season hits we need to remember to change up our routine and keep in mind that our skin both on our face and our body needs that deep mousturisation if it is going to survive to the spring. One of my holy grails for my body is the Palmers cocoa butter and this product really is great any time of year and keeps my skin soft and supported against the harsh winds. For my face, i swear by the Origins Ginzing mousturiser which really makes my face feel amazing and soft. For the first year ever i haven't suffered my annual flaky peeling when my t-zone gets dry in the winter so this cream is obviously doing wonders for my skin.

5. Create coziness because winter is the perfect time to indulge in self care and to make those little changes to your routine to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing. Once it gets cold in my house i create my little coziness corner in my room with my beanbag, fluffy throw, some pillows and my pyjamas and voila! I have my perfect chill corner for those cold nights. It's the perfect space that i created for netflix nights, reading nights or even just to catch up with my favourite youtubers; either way it is my space and it is created as a little haven for me to escape and recharge for the next day. Of course you can create coziness in anyway, by having a weekly candlelit bubble bath, your night time snuggle on the sofa with bae in front of the fire or even get in a round of nibbles, some wine and make it a friendly gathering. Whatever you need to do to escape the cold. 

These are just a few of my tips to help keep you motivated and hustling and ready for whatever the season throws at you. No-one needs to hit that winter slump and it really can be as simple as staying hydrated and active this winter, if you have any other top tips that i need to try then let me know below! 

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