Sunday, 2 December 2018

How to juggle your life like a pro....

Day two of Blogmas is here and i am sticking to the organisational theme that is going to set us up for an incredible start to 2019. Living an organised life is one of those things that everyone wants but sadly many of us struggle to find the perfect balance when juggling a million different things at once. It can often be a cruel cycle once your workload starts to build up it is hard to take the time to try and achieve a perfect balance and get ahead of the wave. 

My life took a drastic and incredible turn in September when i decided to quit everything and become a Primary School Teacher. Making this choice has made me the happiest i have been in my entire life and it really has changed my life for the better. However, it does take it's toll on your daily life with planning and prepping for your lessons, socialising with your friends and trying to stay active and run a blog/youtube channel at the same time. It runs you down and you easily find yourself exhausted and well over your head with paperwork, text messages, unused gym shoes and loads of unfinished drafts. 

I knew that i needed to make a change to my daily schedule if i was to make the most of my 24 hours and increase productivity and get that perfect work/life balance. So i started to adopt new habits/ experiment with my routine and now that we are in December i think that i have it down. In a world where we often send ourselves into overdrive, read on for my tips to have it all in your 24 hours and reap the benefits without the extra bags under your eyes. 

1. Schedule your social media! This one is a massive step for bloggers/youtubers and honestly will save you so much time and energy if, like me, you are not allowed to spend all day on your phone. By preparing my instagram pictures in advance it is a lot easier to just post them online when i have a spare minute at lunch. As for twitter, i find by scheduling my tweets during the day i am able to schedule tweets with links to my posts that will go live at important parts of the day. So at 7am, 10am, midday, and even into 11pm and later for my American followers. It takes a lot of the thought out of my day and is one less stress to worry about. The app i use is called Buffer and i set aside a few hours on the weekend to get myself all ready for the week ahead.

2. Get up one hour earlier than usual. I have always struggled with my sleep and it often left me waking up late, sluggish and tired as hell all day. I really was struggling and when i would come home from school the first thing i would do is go to sleep and rewake at around 10/11pm. This took out a massive chunk of my time and left me with no motivation or time t do planning for school or my website. So i started to switch up my sleep routine, i'm now going to bed earlier and waking up one hour earlier than i used to. My day now starts around 6am and i jump straight out of bed and straight into the gym. I find this routine is much better for my motivation as after that hour in the gym i am wide awake and ready for my day. So if you are finding yourself in a rut of exhaustion and constant snoozing then try this step and see how it goes! 

3. Set aside an evening or day once a week to handle your entire workload. Lately, i have set aside one weekend day, either Saturday or Sunday to work through my entire workload for the week. So i will write and plan a weeks load of blog posts, i will film and edit youtube videos, (watch out next week where i will be back to youtube in full force) i will prep my weeks worth of lesson plans/PGCE work and prep my meals/workouts for the coming week. If you work Monday to Friday then sometimes the best thing to do is to take that Saturday to get your things back in order and ready for the next week. 

4. Exhude confidence in everything you wear. Now this is a bit of a weird one but i'm sure all you ladies can agree... i hope? There is nothing that motivates me more for a day of work than doing my hair all nice, my makeup flawless and putting on a bomb ass outfit. Knowing that when i walk into work i look and act the shit and nothing that day can bring me down really puts me in a great mood to get shit done and i am able to just put my head down and write a bunch of blog posts or plan a tonne of lessons for school. So if you are struggling one day with feeling tired and just can't be bothered; dress up and make that little bit of extra effort with yourself that day. I guarantee you will feel more motivated afterwards. 

5. Remember to take time for yourself, don't make it all about work and remember to enjoy the little things. If you haven't seen your friends in weeks but you have some planning to do. Go out with your friends and take the night off, you can always factor in some extra time the next day to finish those plans and you got a well deserved night off to have fun in the process. Sometimes we all need a night off to recharge and remember that there are more important things to life than essays and work. 

I hope that you guys enjoy these organisational posts and while i love writing them i will stop with them as of tomorrow! I want this Blogmas to be as jam-packed with tips and tricks as well as cute Christmas themed posts so i will create more of a balance for you guys tomorrow! 

Until Tomorrow 


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