Friday, 23 November 2018

Nothing better than Jewellerybox..

Hello guys! It has definitely been a while and i can't believe that you guys have continued to support and read my blog over my 4 month break. My schedule became so hectic in September that sadly my blog had to take a back seat but it continued to feel like something was missing from my daily routine and so i am back to stick around and i have some exciting ideas for some amazing content so keep your eyes peeled!

Todays post is all about one of my favourite things! Jewellery.

Now i am a massive lover of jewellery but i always struggle with finding good quality pieces that last and stay looking good. I always tend to fall into the primark trap and after wearing it once, my jewellery turns into a rusty mess. About a week ago i was contacted by the lovely ladies over at Jewellerybox who wanted me to try out some of their jewellery and i jumped at the chanced. Of course, i wanted to see how the quality held up for the price and their website has some beautiful pieces.

So Jewellerybox has a range of prices on their website, some items as cheap as £4 and it goes all the way up to the more expensive pieces at £50 so you can always find something no matter your budget. With Christmas coming up, i kept my theme on the more festive and gift giving side as everyone enjoys receiving jewellery for Christmas! am i right?

I was so excited when my delivery came because everything was so beautifully packaged and real care had gone into their presentation which is an amazing touch and is great for Christmas as well. I am definitely keeping the boxes for my jewellery corner and when i give Jewellerybox as a gift i can just keep it in its original packaging!

Now lets get onto the pieces themselves, so i picked out a beautiful silver bracelet with a little silver heart on it and it is hands down my favourite piece. I have had so many compliments on this bracelet and i can already see myself buying a few more as presents this year. (my mum loves it so guess what i'm buying her!) The quality is amazing and it feels so dainty and well made so i know it is going to last.

Now to keep with the Christmas theme, i did pick up some snowflake earrings and the matching dainty necklace. I'm a primary school teacher (SURPRISE) now and so i jumped at this set because i knew the kids would love it! Everyday the kids are telling me how amazing my earrings are and it's so sweet to hear! I may even need to purchase some more of these earrings as little holiday gifts before the kids leave for the holidays! The earrings themselves are really nice to wear, they are light and so far they havent gone that weird green colour so i'm super impressed with them.

Lastly, i picked up a little rose gold wing necklace on a whim. I am a little undecided yet as to whether i am going to keep this or give it as a gift as i know a few members of my family would love this necklace! Again, it is very dainty and feels of a good quality so the cheap price tag is an added bonus!

Overall, i know that the holidays can be an expensive time of the year, but with Jewellerybox it really doesn't need to be. They have one of the biggest selections i have seen with themed pieces, occasion jewellery, personalised and whats better is that everything is either 9 carat gold or sterling silver. So the pieces are made to last and they are good quality for those little stocking fillers.

Now for the best bit! As it is Black Friday, Jewellerybox are running a promotional offer between now and Monday whereby if you spend a measly £5 on their site, they are offering a HUGE 55% off 25 of their current favourite pieces! So everything that i showed you above will be included with 55% off making some of their pieces as cheap as £2.45! Imagine how many Christmas presents you could get for just £20 with that offer?

I am definitely excited to hit the offer with Jewellerybox and i think you will be too! For £2.45 you really can't go wrong! Your jewellery box and your purse will thank you for it!

Love to you all


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