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7 Problems Every Blogger Faces

Good Morning Beautiful people! I'm currently sat on my bed procrastinating until i need to leave for my late shift at work and i had some random inspiration for a post.... So here i am.... smashing it out for you before the inspiration leaves forever and the post idea is over. 

So, this brings me to today's post. 7 problems every blogger faces. Now as a blogger, it often seems that we hit blocks in the road on a daily basis and some of them are minor things that we let irritate us and others can make us want to throw in the towel and give up because we just don't see the point anymore. 

So read on, enjoy and let me know if any of these relate to you in the comments. 

1. Juggling a social life, love life, family, work, blogging, you time etc.

HOW DO YOU DO IT?! It is a question i am still asking myself and searching for an answer. I always feel that when one aspect of my life is going well, two others are falling apart at the seams and i can't seem to work out the perfect juggle. 

Blogging has become rather sporadic for me lately, with a hectic schedule my life just seems all over the place. Between getting home late and juggling between early and late shifts it's like i never have the opportunity to set a time schedule for the other things in my life. I get home from work at 1am sometimes and i'm just so exhausted that i sleep in until 1pm the next day just to get ready and head to work again. It's not an ideal situation and i am still trying to set a schedule that works for me and allows me to juggle everything in the same 24 hours. 

For all of you bloggers out there putting in full time hours whilst still working a full time job, i commend you. 

2. Death By Instagram

Ok, So has anyone else had a complete meltdown this week because of the ridiculous algorithm that they have going on over there at Instagram HQ? I don't really understand what they are trying to do other than kill off smaller accounts who are just trying to find their place and engage with their small but loyal following.

Instagram literally gives me anxiety every time i log on because it's just going to be another day of 30 followed then 60 unfollowed and a post only reaching 6% of accounts. Like what is that? How is this motivating anyone who is trying to become an influencer or just trying to find their place on the 'gram. I know that we are not supposed to stress about the numbers in this game but it can be so disheartening when you are trying so hard everyday and it just goes unnoticed. To combat the  anxiety, i've decided to take Instagram with a pinch of salt now, yes, i'll continue to post what the hell i want and i just won't focus on the amount of likes because eventually, i know that my work and effort will be noticed once this algorithm is killed.

3. Writer's Block 

Now everyone and their mum has had this happen to them as a blogger and if it hasn't then i commend you and i need to know your secret! For me, writer's block occurs at least once a week. I struggle with ideas and where i see the future of my blog going. I LOVE writing lifestyle posts but i also love writing makeup posts and homeware posts and basically everything else. I just love writing, but sometimes i struggle with my content as i'm not sure if my readers will like it or if it will flop. 

Sometimes it screws with my head so bad that i sit there for 3+ hours writing and deleting posts because nothing i was saying felt relatable or good enough for my readers and it stressed me out so much that i just didn't want to write anything anymore. I'm slowly getting there, i'm starting to look at other places for inspiration and i'm starting to write the kind of posts that i would enjoy reading so it's grasping my interest more and therefore bringing back the excitement to my writing. 

4. Staying Motivated

Now i have raved and ranted about this before on my blog and it's no secret that i struggle to stay motivated with most things. But as we all know, sometimes we have bad days or bad weeks and the last thing on our mind is sticking to our blog schedule or even finding the inspiration or the motivation to start your laptop up can be a struggle. Don't worry, i've been there so many times. The most important thing is to take a few days out if you need them and then come back to your blog with a clear head, fresh ideas and a positive attitude and anything is possible! 

5. Can i afford to be a blogger?

I think we can all say that blogging is not a cheap hobby, well in order to put yourself ahead of the game it definitely adds up. With photography to outfits to products to simple web design, the pennies stack up against you and suddenly it's like you need a separate spending budget for blogging alone. 

I'm not going to lie, i struggle to stay ahead of the game and i can't afford to spend hundreds on new makeup and clothing every week to be able to compete with some other bloggers but then i have to remember that blogging is not a competition. We are not racing each other and sometimes we have to do what we can within our budget. As a fashion blogger, i always stick to cheaper places for my fashion like Primark and Boohoo but then i feel it makes me a lot more relatable to my younger readers who don't have designer budgets! Don't go broke trying to achieve a blogger lifestyle, just do what you can with the funds you have and own it. 

6. The online world is lonely isn't it?

Don't get me wrong, i have met amazing people through the online world, my favourite blogging human being Shay! But in general i find the blogging community is becoming so closed off and it is becoming harder and harder to communicate with other likeminded people. 

Blogging is supposed to be a community for fabulous boys and girls with similar interests to get together and write about their passions and interests and communicate those with each other, but i feel like this isn't happening anymore. People don't want to comment, read, like your content anymore and it really defeats the point of this community. 

So when you find that one incredible person in this community that helps encourage and supports you, keep a hold of them! 

7. Comparing your success (or lack of it) to everyone else online.

I suck at this. Like really suck. I will always celebrate every bloggers successes because they are something to celebrate and make a big deal out of, but i also can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy for why my blog/instagram/youtube isn't there yet. 

As bloggers we spend hours taking photos, editing, promoting, writing, etc for a post on Instagram and it kills me when a photo i post goes practically unnoticed when a very similar photo is getting thousands of likes and brand opportunities when in reality we put in the same amount of effort into our post. 

The trick with this industry is to not compare your journey with anyone elses, yes, we all walk different paths to the same destination. 

But don't worry, i for one understand that everything happens in time. 

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  1. 1. I agree with everything 10,00%, I'm so glad you wrote this 2. I wasn't expecting a shout out and that literally made my night 3. You know what I'm going to say... KEEP GOING BABY GIRL and I'll see you next week xx