Monday, 2 April 2018

New Goodies at Maybelline

Hi Lovelies

I am back today with a few newbies from the ultimate babes which are Maybelline. I fan bought these products after hearing Jamie Genevieve and other fantastic bloggers rave about them. So i hopped on down to my local Superdrug and picked up a few items on 3 for 2 to give them a try. 

Maybelline has always been one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands and they really do deliver on quality... SO i expected big things from these products. With each product retailing at £9.99 they certainly do not break the bank so they are great additions to any beauty budget. 

Lets get on to the products... 

Superstay Foundation:

Now i am always on the hunt for a full coverage matte foundation to add to my ever growing collection. For me it is my favourite finish of foundation and i am finding i am reaching for a full coverage base more on a day to day basis. For me coverage is everything, i dont have perfect skin so i like to use a heavier base to hide spots and imperfections on my face; it may not be for everyone but its the look ive been going for a lot lately.

In rolls the new superstay foundation which i picked up in the shade Sand. Now this is the most full coverage foundation i have ever used and i have tried a few. Its covers my spots, my redness, pores and even my dark circles, so it ticks that box no problem. Now the application i find is more flawless when used with a damp beauty blender than when a brush is used. I find the beauty blender gives a more airbrushed look and it gives a more full, even coverage whereas my brush just pushed the product around my face and didnt really cover anything.

Once applied i found that it does offer a matte finish so you dont need to set it with powder but my oily ass knows better than to leave the house without blotting to the Gods first. This foundation sets beautifully and makes it so easy for cream, liquid or powder products to be added over the top without dislodging the foundation in the process.

During the day i have found that i need to reapply my powder just because my t-zone has become oily BUT the product itself hasnt moved around my face as a result of the oil which i find happens a lot with other foundations. This bad boy stayed PUT for pretty much the whole day and looked just as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. Now i can only attest for my skin type but this foundation was flawless, it can take some work to buff it all into the skin in the morning but it is worth the effort with the base that you are given to work with at the end.

This foundation is now a staple in my makeup collection and i really do understand the hype. For £9.99 what are you actually waiting for???

Superstay Liquid Lipsticks in Driver and Fighter:

Now i LOVE a liquid lip, the matte finish is literally the only thing i have been using on my lips for the past few months and my collection is bursting at the seams.

So when i saw Jamie wear both of these colours on her Instagram, i pretty much ran out and bought them for the sake of my sanity. These colours are pretty much my go to and i am a lover of a nude lip.

The formula of these are incredible. They glide on with such a rich pigment and really only need one swipe, which i love. The staying power is pretty impressive as well and they do last pretty well throughout the day apart from when you are drinking/eating a lot of course. The one thing i will say is they are quite drying on the lips once they have set, so for some you might find they stick to dry spots or even crack if your lips are dry. To prevent this i just moisturise my lips before doing my makeup and then im good to go and the dry texture doesnt bother me as i feel like its just one of those things you have to accept if you want a really matte lip.

For £9.99 each i am really impressed with the quality of these lipsticks, they hold up very well and the colours are gorgeous.

I already have the perfect nude and an amazing red-brown shade so i am eager to expand my collection to add to these bad boys.

Shop the Products here:

P.S can we also just take a moment to appreciate the extra effort that i have been making with my flatlays at the moment?! i am still waiting on a few things to show up to take them even higher but i am so proud of how far my little blog has come and i am excited to see how far it goes from here.


  1. So I have seen these in my local drug store and have been tempted to buy some myself, however I didn’t. Now I take it as a sign that I should have bought it. The matte lipstick looked so cute, the color I saw was a lavender one.
    Yes girl good job on your flatlay! I too have been working on that haha. xx

    1. Thanks hun! its difficult to try and keep the flatlays looking interesting! And you definitely need to grab these lipsticks. you wont be disappointed.

  2. I'm not a big fan of full coverage foundations, but I love the sound of the liquid lipsticks, the shades look beaut, especially Driver! xx

    1. Its such a beautiful colour they really are worth picking up!